“Shiny Happy People” Cult VS the FLDS (STRIKING Similarities) ft. @GrowingUpinPolygamy

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**Content Warning: various mentions of CA** Upon watching the Shiny Happy People documentary, I realized they essentially had all the same rules as the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints group (FLDS) aside from practicing polygamy. Joined by Sam and Melissa from @GrowingUpinPolygamy , we dissect all the ways the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles) mirror the FLDS.

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Chapter Markers
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:15 FLDS, explained
00:05:35 Purity Culture: saving first kiss for wedding day
00:07:15 When Sam decided to leave the FLDS
00:08:44 What Sam thought about Purity Culture
00:09:54 How did Melissa feel about Purity Culture
00:11:09 Woman in Mormonism, and Object Lessons
00:12:26 IBLP’s version of Purity Culture – women as “eye traps”
00:13:11 The types of clothing in the Warren Jeffs cult
00:15:13 The origin of Mormon garments
00:18:58 In IBLP, a woman getting attacked is “her fault and a sign of God testing her”
00:19:31 FLDS Warren Jeffs called forced sexual acts as “heavenly sessions”
00:20:25 IBLP’s leader, Bill Gothard’s predatory behavior
00:22:06 “God can’t let the prophet be wrong” so obey
00:23:21 These cult leaders predatory behavior with children
00:24:55 IBLP shaming women – accusing tampons of being “devil sticks taking away women’s virginity”
00:26::40 Tampon usage in LDS vs FLDS
00:28:24 The boys in Sam’s FLDS childhood would make up names for body parts, because they weren’t taught
00:29:31 Multiply and replenish the earth – IBLP’s extreme reproduction
00:30:49 FLDS – birth control not allowed / woman’s main purpose is to produce children
00:32:30 “the murdering of unborn children”… if you had sex while pregnant
00:33:45 IBLP sees their children as property
00:34:42 Did the FLDS have extreme punishment toward children
00:36:09 Similarities in family/prophet/God hierarchy between FLDS and IBLP
00:37:06 The women in charge of the husband’s “worthiness”
00:38:36 Narcissism and God-like distortions in men in IBLP
00:41:42 Forced labor, when it comes to IBLP and FLDS
00:44:55 IBLP’s reason for encouraging having as many children as possible
00:46:47 Keep Sweet Pray Obey vs IBLP
00:49:45 the world is coming to an end, live in fear
00:52:18 Solitary confinement and child punishment – IBLP vs Sam’s FLDS experience
00:56:55 IBLP – having to stay silent if assaulted
00:57:54 IBLP vs FLDS homeschooling practices
01:02:52 Isolation from society – IBLP vs FLDS
01:05:57 “Dedicating” (blessing) homes and vehicles
01:09:21 Glorifying biblical/medieval times…
01:13:20 How cult leaders Bill Gothard and Warren Jeffs are the same
01:17:58 Not all homeschooling is bad
01:20:16 Linda, listen

Theme Song Produced and Composed by Christian Guevara

**Disclaimer: Thanks for joining us at Cults to Consciousness. This storytelling podcast is meant to be for entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for medical advice. We may discuss triggering topics and we ask that you make your personal mental health a priority. Lastly, the opinions of our guests do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the host.**

By: Cults to Consciousness
Title: “Shiny Happy People” Cult VS the FLDS (STRIKING Similarities) ft. @GrowingUpinPolygamy
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu4_QL1Hhe0

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