Billion-Dollar Floral Industry, & Combining Black Love with Business

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Join us as we talk to Itika Oldwine Grimble and Brian Grimble, founders of Oldvine Florals, established in 2017. Serving prominent brands like Cartier, Ferragamo, Dior, Alexander Wang, and Louis Vuitton, they’re revolutionizing the flower industry. We delve into their venture OldVine Fragrance, the first global luxury fragrance brand launched by a prominent Black woman. We discuss their creation process, storytelling through scents, and their subscription service.

We also explore Oldvine Candles, and highlight the high return potential of the flower business. We’ll provide actionable steps on starting a flower business and how to capitalize on market trends.

Learn about Itika’s educational journey from UCLA to the University of Chicago, her early career working with Harpo Productions and AEG, and her entrepreneurial leap in 2017 when she launched OldVine Florals in downtown LA. Listen as we discuss the business’s expansion and Itika’s journey into creating OldVine Fragrances. Tune in for an inspiring story of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. #blackbusiness #floral #flowers

By: Earn Your Leisure
Title: Billion-Dollar Floral Industry, & Combining Black Love with Business
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