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Kaapi and Conversations is the show name of our Season-2 series, a garland of Interview series with the people I work with or have worked with or someone whom I have e-met and have admired their excellences. It’s not about the achievements alone, it’s about the way they work and how it has helped them. Summing up, it is “How simplicity has helped or helps us.” Kaapi is nothing but a Coffee. I always feel that loads happen over a cup of coffee and here’s one with our Guest,

Ms.Sridevi Srinivasan, Professional Storyteller and Founder of League of Little Legends

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Professional Storyteller and Trainer focused to inculcate reading ability and instill a love for reading in young minds.

Founder & Director of League of Little Legends Trained in the USA by Scholastic Publications on Raising Readers. Montessori trained and has more than 10 years of experience, working with children. She has Designed & Developed Reading programs for schools and executed them successfully. Event coordinator, Primary coordinator in CBSE school. (TEDx, Foreign Exchange, Annual days, Sports days, ISC Program Coordinator, Library Activities, Green School program). Conducts a Storytelling-based reading program for underprivileged children. Running Reading programs and Teacher Training programs in School. Performed storytelling in the UK & Indian Radio. Ideated and executed Nrithyakatha, a unique storytelling performance integrating dance.

Also, I Presented National Webinar on Raising Readers at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Trust Bilaspur CG Youtuber.

She has a YouTube channel in the name of Sridevi Srinivasan Storyteller.

Kaapi and Conversations are also available on Spotify and other Podcast mediums mentioned in the end of the discription.


About the Host, Meera V Barath
Growthpreneur | Behavioral Growth Enabler| Master NLP | ICF Certified Positive Psychology Coach | Founder-Storytelling & Writing communities on Fb : Mayaakatha, where Stories Dance and LetsMakeStoriesDino| Podcaster I
With 15 years of Corporate experience, she is a Multiple Award winner for creating Marketplace for Writing and Storytelling platforms on Social media and in transforming Writer’s words and emotions into Anthologies..

She lives with a Purpose of Transforming words and emotions into Stories, creating Emotional and mental well-being.

She writes her thoughts on

Founder of Writing & Storytelling communities on Facebook
1) LetsMakeStoriesDino
2) Mayaakatha, where stories dance

– Author of the year 2019 by #NE8x® Online Literature fest for her debut book, Mayaakatha
– Certified as One of the Top 100 debut Authors by Criticspace and Literatureslight for the year 2019 and 2020,
– Awarded as The SpiritMania Influential Women award for the year 2020
-Awarded as Nari Samman – Woman of Substance by, Literoma 2020.
– 2020 Finalist in the Womensweb-Orange Flower Award for Best use of Facebook groups
– 2020-Star Dust Award by Literoma
– Top 3 Finalist in Tamilnadu Women Achievers award – 2021
– Sahityakosh Samman Award -2021 by NE8x® Word Litfest

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Meera has published Two books,
1) Mayaakatha, Illusion holding reality within

– Coffee with soul

2) And co-authored – 13 books.

3) As a Compiler – published 3 Anthologies and currently working on 5-6 anthologies
1) Arising from the Dust, journeyed by 32 writers, a project by LetsMakeStoriresDino
Ranked as No.1 in Amazon Bestseller and Hot new releases

available in kindle and paperback

2) Airavata, an Anthology with Elephant as a Protagonist by 44 writers including children, a project by Mayaakatha, where stories dance

available on Kindle and soon in paperback

3) Anklets in My Hands, a Poetry connected by 32 Women Poets.

4) Meera is currently working on “Shakuni, a Mystic and an excellence” a book to be released in 2022

She Podcasts on

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