You just keep on talking.

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Since I am unable to finish a proper edit to attach this description to, I’ll just drop this one here for the hell of it.

This “community” is an absolute joke. A joke. Really nothing more than groups of actual KIDS who haven’t completed grade school, don’t have a real job, and aren’t paying for anything in their lives. At least the ones who enjoy stalking my page and starting drama over things that don’t even concern them, simply because their midget minds can’t ignore something and keep on with their lives. Social media has consumed these individuals, and has made them take in a manufactured fear.

Apparently there are individuals in this “community” who claim that “KxK wants me dead.” What? I don’t even know who you are. You’re going to say that based on my own political beliefs, that I want you dead? How stupid can you be? You need to go see a therapist because you are batshit crazy and will never succeed in life if you really think stuff like that. Wait until you find out there are plenty of other people who are grown up in this “community” that share the same beliefs as I. Does that mean they want you dead too? What a joke. I can’t make this shit up. This generation of kids is SO. INCREDIBLY. SOFT.

When I was 11 through 13, I was NOT given my own cell phone. Not one that could access the internet at least. I was not able to edit all day long. My internet access was RESTRICTED. Some of yall’s parents have failed you on that and it is extremely obvious. Some of these kids have found a “personality” through social media, and that is the most toxic thing you can do to yourself. I suggest getting off of it and finding something that is REAL and TANGIBLE to associate yourself with.

I work for Toyota. I am the only female mechanic in my dealership, and we have over 20 technicians here. There is no room to get offended by anything. Stress levels are high. Customers are mad sometimes and yell at us or service advisors. The things I work with pose a real threat to my life and others around me. But I make damn good money with it. I have found what is real to me. I suggest you all do the same. Arguing on Twitter is not a job. Stalking my page, waiting to take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I say out of context and blow up with it, is not a job. You are a shitty human being for doing that actually.

I am not afraid to name drop either. Considering all the wrong doings certain individuals have caused towards me, I might as well. Some of these people include Katerina Studios, whoever “Ocean” is, the TruaFlukes girl (I think, there are many Trua related pages), and the many Twitter accounts that all look the same to me because they have the same pronouns in their bio. You people need to get a life. Seriously. Get off of Twitter. What a shithole app.

A thank you to some of my true friends I have met over the years, like Celie, Grace, Lexie, Jess, and of course Lia. As you can see I keep my circle VERY small. You DO NOT need many friends. Just a few good ones. The good ones that aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. And that is another problem with this “community.” Nobody stands up against obvious wrong doings.

The many times drama has started over me, and the minority of people start talking shit, there is the wide majority of other people who silently agree with me and not the others. “Silently” is doing nothing. You cannot be silent for what you believe in. You are of no help in those moments, and are no better than the people causing the uproar. Being scared does not get you anywhere in life. And it was very frustrating to me, seeing all these other people side with me, only to do NOTHING to help me against those idiots, so they just keep talking, and talking, and talking, thinking they have me outnumbered and silenced. Maybe they haven’t gotten it by now, but they cannot silence me.

I have never considered myself part of “the community” anyways. Even when I was that cringey 14 year old. I enjoyed making edits and joining MEPs more than being in group chats with a bunch of other kids, or meeting up at SeaWorld. I used to only go to SW with my dad. Until I met Lia, now its just us who have been going, and occasionally we get another friend to tag along. But I have never done “community” events. Closest I got was December 31st, 2019. But I did not go with the intention to be spotted like a god damn celebrity.

This place is very toxic. The people on here make it so. And those people know who they are, they just refuse to say it. As of a few days ago I have chosen to delete my kayla.kyuquot instagram page. Good riddance to it. If you like cars you can find me on my other page, because that’s my REAL life. I bet those Twitter scumbags will find a way to stalk my other page too.


By: KxK Studios
Title: You just keep on talking.
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