Use PowerPoint Animation to Tell a Story

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How to use PowerPoint Animation to tell a story. Find out with this video!
It contains multiple examples on how to create a more engaging presentation for your audience.
You can use this technique to communicate a visual story with your slides.
The contents of this video are as follows:
0:25 Why tell a story
0:50 The 3 Stages of a visual story on a slide
1:42 Example of presenting a basic communications model as a story on a PowerPoint slide
7:46 Presenting the complete story with animation
8:32 Example of animated PowerPoint Templates that tell a story
12:43 Source of templates: Comprehensive All In One Bundle 2.0

13:20 : Sign Up For Free Mini Training Courses

The PowerPoint Templates showcased in this video can be used in any version of PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019. The video is created in PowerPoint on Office 365 by Ramgopal.

By: Presentation Process
Title: Use PowerPoint Animation to Tell a Story
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