ULTRA ORTHODOX: Hasidic Jewish Sect FORCED Her to Marry & Consummate with a Stranger

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**Content warning: Sexual Abuse/Sexual Discussions** A brave and fierce mother, Chavie Weisberger, divulges the deepest, darkest corners of her life from growing up in a very strict ultra-orthodox sect of Judaism ran by her grandfather. She shares her heart-wrenching custody battle and how the courts forced her to conform to the religion years after she had left it behind. Listen with caution, this episode is as heavy as it is inspirational and incredible.

Chapter Markers
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:31 What is Hasidic Judaism?
00:05:06 The restrictions she grew up with
00:06:42 The extreme modesty guidelines (no red)
00:11:12 Her “formal” sex education at 18 yrs old
00:17:14 Did she feel ready or excited about sex with her husband?
00:19:11 Not understanding her sexual connection with women as an issue
00:22:46 Forced consummation
00:28:36 Religious practices before/during sex
00:31:59 What happened once she went to therapy…
00:38:53 25 yrs old, divorced with 3 children under 5….HOW?
00:43:38 The reason her kids were swiftly taken away
00:47:37 Court ordered her to HIDE her values from her kids. Forced conformity.
00:52:12 Forced to keep kids in Hasidic community
00:54:51 How the kids are doing now
00:58:55 Linda, Listen

Resource for people who need help leaving Hasidic Judaism

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By: Cults to Consciousness
Title: ULTRA ORTHODOX: Hasidic Jewish Sect FORCED Her to Marry & Consummate with a Stranger
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BGL_i27XRw

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