Trend Following vs. Volatility | Systematic Investor 215 | feat. Cem Karsan

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Today, Cem Karsan joins us for our weekly conversation on Trend Following as well as Volatility, following yet another fast paced and eventful week. We discuss the challenges of being long volatility in the current environment and how under-performing equity stock market volatility is the new normal, the increased popularity of volatility strategies post 2018 and 2020 and different ways of knowing how the strategies may behave in an inflationary environment. We also discuss concerning liquidity conditions and what has caused the current situation, what investors should prioritize, in terms of allocation, to protect their portfolio, how the increase in strength of the U.S. Dollar affects the markets, how investors and pension funds act when inflation is sky rocketing and much more.

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Episode Summary
00:00 – Intro
01:28 – What happened this week?
08:37 – Industry performance update
10:30 – Discussing an article from EQD
18:49 – Going into unknown territory
23:55 – Is liquidity becoming a problem?
35:26 – Volatility strategies vs. Trend Following
43:15 – The strength of the U.S. Dollar
51:26 – Alternative markets…could liquidity be drying out?
56:35 – What happens when inflation is so high?
01:01:48 – Thanks for listening


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By: Top Traders Unplugged
Title: Trend Following vs. Volatility | Systematic Investor 215 | feat. Cem Karsan
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