Top 3 Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2023

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This video is designed for beginner and advanced affiliate marketers alike. If you already have a profitable website with traffic, you will be able to add on one or more of these strategies to generate additional income from your affiliate site.

If you are a total beginner, this video will give you great perspective on the three best strategies you can start with as a new affiliate marketer.

The first step for beginning affiliate marketers, and often the most difficult step is choosing a niche. If you haven’t yet chosen your niche, that is the place to start which is why I have this post that shares my five-minute niche Finder method:

Learn how to choose an affiliate marketing niche here on YouTube, here:

For video that covers over 55 different niche examples you can dominate today, watch this video:

But, before you go all in, it is important for you to understand the pitfalls of the affiliate marketing industry is why I made this warning video for beginner affiliate marketers:

If you want a deeper dive step-by-step training that teaches how to start affiliate marketing if you are a total beginner, this video training is for you:

All three of these affiliate marking strategies are based off of the core foundational truth that you have to help people achieve their goals in order to make money online. I go deeper into this topic in this video here

When you understand this above truth about what it takes to make money online, you will truly have the key to success the powers the most profitable online businesses in your hands.

Now, many of you want to see what a real successful affiliate marketing website looks like because this is still abstract… I hear you.

In this video I share 13 extremely successful affiliate marketing websites and analyze why they are so successful in their chosen niche:

If you’re struggling to find good affiliate offers for your audience then be sure to check out my seventh best affiliate networks video here:

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair to leave you without talking about affiliate marketing funnels.

For a full description of how and why affiliate marketing funnels work plus the ‘roadmap’ that shows the process, watch this video:

If you want to watch me build an affiliate marketing funnel in 30 minutes with step-by-step detail in this video here:

For the top 3 affiliate marketing funnels making the most money today, watch this video:

Look… the truth is you don’t need some greedy Guru course selling you on how to do affiliate marketing.

The $997 or the $1997 they want to charge you for their course will simply make them rich and it will make you feel more stressed and by design their courses will not give you what you need.

Because the truth is that the greedy gurus need you to stay confused in order for their business model to work as I explained in this video here:

They try to convince you that you’re just ‘1 funnel away’ when they sell an overpriced funnel software… Which is why you need to understand the 1 funnel away lie and the truth of our industry –

You are able to build a real business online with affiliate marketing by simply following my free videos and tutorials.

You don’t need to buy a greedy guru or fake guru course in order to create a real business online.

You do need to, however, create lots of content!

You can do it!

Miles Beckler

0:00 Intro To Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing
0:36 The “Useful Affiliate” Method
04:06 The “Bonus Affiilate” Method
08:01 The “Review Affiliate” Method
10:08 The Secret Affiliate Marketing Gurus Aren’t Telling You
12:14 Step-By-Step Example Of Affiliate Marketing Done Right
15:20 How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing
17:47 The Secret To Success Making Money Online As An Affiliate

By: Miles Beckler
Title: Top 3 Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2023
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