TimeSlips Storytelling Sharing Thoughts and Stories Through Music, Movement and Poetry

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TimeSlips Storytelling: The GNJ Center received a grant from the District of Columbia’s Commission on Arts and Humanities in order to design a specialized TimeSlips Storytelling engagement program using a creative approach to open up imaginative storytelling through a structured series of creative story sessions. Led by Nephelie Andonyadis, a teaching artist who is a certified facilitator, the project has enabled participating seniors at the GNJ Center to co-create a collaborative work of artistic expression that reflects their interests, tastes, hopes and desires. Nephelie has worked with collaborating artists, Thelma Sabi and Anthony Hyatt, and partner organization, Dance Exchange, to create a multi-disciplinary team to inspire and develop the work.

With support from the collaborative team, group stories have been crafted into a “text” for sharing – works of original poetic stories, movement, and music. Most importantly, the final form has been determined by the participants themselves. Using the format of a “Memory Café” each participant’s family member, care partners and others within the community, will be invited to a celebratory event featuring the participants-artist in a way that is culturally appropriate and memory friendly, honoring their inspiration and the work with artistic value and connection to their communities.

The TimeSlips Storytelling pilot-project was structured as a series of engagement sessions, offered weekly. These creative sessions were designed to reflect joy and well-being as evidenced by their active participation. The interactive workshops provided each participant with an opportunity to connect through imagination, using playful creative exploration to build relationships and joy. The TimeSlips Storytelling pilot-project model helps us to shift away from the expectation of memory that can cause people living with dementia to feel shame and loss – towards an embrace of improvisation and imagination, where participants, staff, family, and artistic collaborators can participate from a position of strength.

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Title: TimeSlips Storytelling Sharing Thoughts and Stories Through Music, Movement and Poetry
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