The Prepared Mind (Why Spiritual Initiation Is Necessary) | Gigi Young

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The importance of spiritual Initiation when it comes to perceiving our ancient past.
– Can we understand Lemuria and Atlantis without Spiritual Development?
– What happens when the mind is unprepared and tries to enter into spiritual topics?
– The importance of Spiritual Science and Personal Development in order to raise ones consciousness.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
3:23 The Mind must be properly prepared to understand our Ancient Past
16:25 The two aspects of the Prepared Mind
19:50 The Two Spiritual Imbalances (The Unprepared Minds)
The development of the Inner Masculine in Spiritual Development (Divine Masculine)
23:17 Spiritual Science, Occult Science, Mystery Science
28:52 Why do we need to study? Can we not just ‘Download’ all information from ‘Source’?
39:04 Entering into Spiritual Forces through the Lower Urges
The Development of the Inner Feminine in Spiritual Development (Divine Feminine)
55:10 Understanding of Spiritual Science allows deep personal power to develop
1:00:21 Regular Meditation Practice (Clarity of Mind)
1:02:40 Yoga (Body Awareness, Work and Release)
1:05:55 Self Responsibility Integrity and personal Honesty
1:08:01 Honor your personal discoveries and wisdom. Celebrate your breakthroughs.
1:12:54 Dedication to service and the qualities of the Holy Personality
1:27:18 Conclusion

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By: Gigi Young
Title: The Prepared Mind (Why Spiritual Initiation Is Necessary) | Gigi Young
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