The ONLY Etsy Ads Guide You’ll Need (Print on Demand Seller Reveals Winning Advertising Strategy)

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The ONLY Etsy Ads Guide You’ll Need (Print on Demand Seller Reveals Winning Advertising Strategy)

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Because the majority of etsy sales happen through ON SITE search traffic…there’s really only 2 ways to make more sales on the platform.

Either 1) scale horizontally by adding more products. Which means you’ll appear in a larger amount of search terms for different keywords…since you’ll have a larger number of different products.

…and you should always be doing that anyway.

Or 2) fire up the etsy ads and learn how to profitably purchase sales on the platform consistently.

The way etsy ads work are a lot like google adwords. By running ads to your products they’ll show up as top products on relevant searches.

So for example if you have a funny koala bear t shirt design….and someone types “koala bear”….or “bear shirt”….or something similar on etsy….your product will show up as one of the top searches.

This obviously assumes that etsy is indexing your product correctly – which they should be if you have good titles, descriptions, and keywords.

But doing this is huge for your store…b/c you’re paying a small fee to put your product in front of people that are SPECIFICALLY searching for it….or at least something very similar.

And you’ll only get charged if they’re actually interested in it enough to click on your listing. You won’t get charged simply for showing up in search. So it’s a no brainer to implement ads with etsy listings.

The etsy ads strategy that’s been working best for me recently is using the “take my sales up a notch objective.

For people just starting out you want to keep it running ads to all your products in beginning and then slowly optimize from there.

It’s important to add that you NEED to be patient with your ads when doing this….you can’t turn them off and on constantly….you can’t panic if you have a day that’s unprofitable….and you don’t want to check them every 10 minutes to make sure they’re doing okay.

That’s just going to waste your money….and stress you out.

You need to give them time to run so etsy can test out different search terms with different products.

You also need to give them time to spend enough on every product. You’ll notice if you have 100s or 1000s of products, your overall ad spend vs. the revenue generated MAY or MAY NOT be profitable….but that your ad spend per each product in your campaign (at least in the beginning) isn’t very high at all.

So to pull the plug after only spending a few dollars on a product wouldn’t make much sense would it? Which is another reason you want to be patient.

As you begin to get more and more data on what products getting a good return on ad spend, you can manually optimize your campaign by keeping the products that are doing well….and turn off the products that are just spending without getting any sales back.

This will ultimately lead to more and more profitable ads which will turn your etsy ad campaign into a sales machine that’s ONLY spending on products and keywords that are making you money (which is the goal).

There’s no scientific formula to know when to turn off spend to a specific product to be honest….it’s more of an art than a science.

But as a rule of thumb, I’d say wait until your campaign has spent AT LEAST 3 times that product’s estimated profit before doing so……PREFERABLY 4 times if you can.

Sometimes etsy ads need time to optimize and find better keywords that work. And if you pull the plug too early…you might never realize that product could be a winner for you.

Remember, Etsy’s not out to just maliciously collect your money. They WANT your ads to be successful and their algorithm will try to find which keywords work best for you….b/c when you make money….so do they.

One more key thing I’d add to this is your goal should get to max out budget as fast as you can comfortably do so.

This usually gets a negative emotional reaction when I tell people to do this, which is totally understandable. But hear me out….

Let’s say etsy maxes your ad budget at $25 per day….your goal should be to set it to $25 per day as fast as possible.

By: Bryan Guerra
Title: The ONLY Etsy Ads Guide You’ll Need (Print on Demand Seller Reveals Winning Advertising Strategy)
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