The Marketing Launchpad for Trade Businesses: How Solid Foundations Equip You For Success | Ep. 368

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In this episode of The Site Shed titled “The Marketing Launchpad: How Solid Foundations Equip You For Success,” we discuss the importance of marketing for trade businesses. We delve into the significance of having a strong foundation, website optimisation, lead generation, and a system that can help you to make informed decisions for your business growth.

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Tradie Web Guys
01:52 Intro
02:30 Welcome back to The Site Shed
02:53 The importance of having foundations in your business.
04:52 What happens to your traffic once they get to your website?
07:40 Where do your leads go?
10:14 Why you need to have your foundations established.
12:38 Your website is the tool that can give people information.
14:50 The importance of having a tech stack in place.
16:42 Why do you need to have a foundation in place so that your business owner can make an educated decision.

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By: The Site Shed
Title: The Marketing Launchpad for Trade Businesses: How Solid Foundations Equip You For Success | Ep. 368
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