The Horror of Life in Christian School | My Deconversion Story, Part 3

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In this video I give a peek into the bizarre world of Christian school. It’s hard to fully convey what it’s like growing up in one and how deeply different it is from being educated in the secular world. The experience is almost like growing up in an alternate reality where rules based on magical concerns, children are urged to love a being they can’t see, and the outside world is cast as a weird, evil, dangerous place. Because this is such a huge topic that could be approached from practically infinite angles, I’m going to focus on the two priorities the school focused on: Getting us to show strong emotion for God and to please God with our actions. I’ll show how these goals lead to teachers expecting developmentally inappropriate and arguably impossible behavior out of kids, creating a horribly stressful environment to grow up in. I’ll also touch on how the very concept of religious education is dangerously unpredictable, leaving children at the mercy of whatever crosses the minds of superstitious adults.

In my next deconversion video, I’ll go into how the academic and disciplinary nature of Christian education affected my thinking.


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By: Prophet of Zod
Title: The Horror of Life in Christian School | My Deconversion Story, Part 3
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