The Future Of Content Marketing In An A.I. World (#118)

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Content marketing will change forever.

Kipp and Kieran dive into what the future of content will look like in a post-A.I. world. Learn how to approach content in a new way, the importance of creating a sharper brand POV, the dangers of the AI era, and the importance of hitmakers.

Trung on MATG
Packy McCormick’s AI article
The Hustle

00:00 Intro
01:12 How AI will affect the content marketing playbook
03:27 Kieran’s bold prediction
04:05 The change in information asymmetry
05:15 Artifact
07:41 The two-sided marketplace
09:02 If you want to win in the AI era of content marketing
10:15 3 influential creators: 1. Trung type 2. Packy kind and 3. MrBeast type
15:23 3 sample Ideas for your following AI YouTube video content
17:45 The secret sauce
18:40 The last decade of content marketing
20:28 The Hustle deal with HubSpot
22:01 Bing AI: a much easier experience than Google?
24:00 A brand must employ creators and create a community
26:08 Recurring relationship with your audience
27:10 AI = convert more prospects into customers than distribution
28:08 Everything gets commoditized faster
29:40 Outro

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Title: The Future Of Content Marketing In An A.I. World (#118)
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