The Content Sweet Spot Framework with Erin Balsa

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Thought leadership content and SEO content are both effective marketing strategies, and by combining the strengths of both types of content, an organization can create a powerful marketing strategy that leverages their expertise, thought leadership, and online presence to achieve their business goals.

But people often put thought leadership and SEO into two buckets and think that it is impossible to have thought leadership and SEO within one article or as part of a holistic content strategy.

According to Erin Balsa, the founder of Haus of Bold, the best thought leadership content helps your content rank higher on the search results page. Erin was a guest on Ramli John’s Marketing Powerups podcast, where they discussed her Content Sweet Spot Framework as well as thought leadership, its definitions, and the misconceptions about it.

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Title: The Content Sweet Spot Framework with Erin Balsa
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