The Best UX Design Storyboarding Technique (Design Sprint Hack) | #RELABLIFE ep.62

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In a Design Sprint, the Storyboarding session can either Make or Break your week long Sprint… Often times it comes down to how a facilitator runs the session to make it as focused and as clear as possible. This is where the Sprint team tries their best to come up with a clear blueprint of interfaces that are going to be ‘stitched-up’ the next day, on Prototyping session. At Relab, we’ve learned some hacks over our experience running Design Sprints that has massively helped us run the Storyboarding session smoothly and we’d like to share it with you all.

Remember, the aim is to make life easier and less stressful on Prototyping day. Hope this helps!

Watch ‘User Journey Mapping (GV Design Sprint Technique)’ video here:

Read more about the Design Sprint at Relab here:

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By: Relab Studios
Title: The Best UX Design Storyboarding Technique (Design Sprint Hack) | #RELABLIFE ep.62
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