The art of UX storytelling!

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Joe Cahill returns for another amazing ๐Ÿบ and UX presentation. This time joined by colleagues Sin Leung and Christian Tryller for a fun and engaging talk on the art of storytelling!

Being able to tell a story is sometimes pure entertainment. A good story can engage, intrigue, and help us process information effortlessly. When it comes to UX, being a storyteller can build stronger relationships with your peers and stakeholders, communicate with a hiring manager, and especially with your case study. So itโ€™s not that surprising that storytelling has become a fundamental part of any solid user experience strategy.

Hear how you can effectively talk through elements of how to tell your story. There are two types of stories in the design process: The first one is what we narrate to our team and stakeholders and the second one is what our design communicates to people who are interacting with it.

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By: Neuron – UX/UI Design Agency
Title: The art of UX storytelling!
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