The art and science of sharing stories | Storytelling for nonprofits

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Language allows us to create amazing stories that can even pass down through the generations, becoming great tales. But time has also modernized these stories, and now many have acquired a special significance.

Storytelling is an amazing resource that can move masses and call them to action to change the world. That’s why in today’s video, you’ll learn how the art and science of storytelling can modify the way we act and positively affect the nonprofit.

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► How storytelling adapted through the years
► Ways storytelling can make people take action
► What can a non-profit business do with storytelling methods

00:00 Intro
00:32 Storytelling through history
01:40 The science of storytelling
01:48 The power of stories to move people to action
02:52 How can a story change our brain chemistry
03:48 How does storytelling affect the non-profit business?
04:19 Wrapping up


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By: Canva
Title: The art and science of sharing stories | Storytelling for nonprofits
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