NoFollow Backlinks – Taking a Closer Look at NoFollow Backlinks

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Nofollow backlinks are a type of link that doesn’t pass any link juice to the site it’s linking to. This means that if you have a nofollow backlink, it won’t help you rank for keywords or drive traffic to your site, but it can still be incredibly valuable.

00:06 What are NoFollow Backlinks?
00:22 NoFollow Links Build Brand Awareness
00:45 NoFollow Links Establish Credibility
00:56 NoFollow Links Contribute Toward Social Media Shares
01:46 Where Can NoFollow Links be Found?

For one thing, nofollow links are great for building brand awareness. If you’re trying to increase your name recognition on the web and get people talking about you and your business online, nofollow links can help with that goal. They’ll show up in search results as well as webpages, so they’re more likely than regular links to be seen by potential customers and clients.

They also help establish credibility with Google, which is important when it comes time for them to consider whether or not they want to rank your site in organic search results.

On top of those reasons, nofollow links contribute toward social media shares. When someone shares a link with their followers on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, the fact that it’s nofollowed won’t affect its visibility or virality at all!

So, what does this mean for your SEO strategy? It means that you should definitely include nofollow backlinks in your content marketing campaigns!

As we’ve mentioned, nofollow backlinks have no effect on your SEO and are mainly used for internal linking. They’re also known as “nofollow” links because they contain the attribute rel=”nofollow”. This attribute tells Google and other search engines that the link should not be counted as valid when calculating its own rank in the search results.

These kinds of links are typically found on blogrolls or sites that aren’t relevant to your business. While they don’t provide any SEO benefits, they can help you build relationships with other websites that might link back to yours in the future.

Finally, it’s also common for social media sites and blogs to include nofollow links in their footers. Social media sites do this to encourage people who share content from those sites to link back to the original source of the content. Blogs, on the other hand, usually do it because they want people who read their posts and then share them on social media to link back to their site so they get referral traffic.

Despite not passing any link juice, nofollow links can still prove to be useful additions to your link building efforts!

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Title: NoFollow Backlinks – Taking a Closer Look at NoFollow Backlinks
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