Microsoft’s Lead Designer teaches Storytelling in Design ft. Charu Choudha | @DesignSundays

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Learning how to present your design effectively and get stakeholders’ approval with storytelling in design is an important skill! In this video, Charu Choudha, lead designer at Microsoft and former designer at Google, Adobe, and Zomato, shares her process for creating compelling design presentations with the help of storytelling. Instead of overwhelming stakeholders with hundreds of screens, she focuses on crafting a story that takes them on a journey. Watch this video to discover Charu’s storytelling techniques and improve your design presentation skills.

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00:00 – Why is storytelling in Design Important?
01:08 – About Charu and her Background
02:15 – Design at a Start-Up vs Design at a large organisation
03:35 – Charu’s Journey of realising the importance of storytelling
06:20 – The Storytelling framework

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Title: Microsoft’s Lead Designer teaches Storytelling in Design ft. Charu Choudha | @DesignSundays
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