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If you want to increase marketing performance for your store, reporting and analytics are the crucial part of eCommerce businesses. Using GA4, you can get more insight into your Magento 2 store and get more detailed marketing performance.

The core function of Google Analytics 4 is to track the behaviour of all the visitors on the eCommerce marketplace. Setting up tools manually is bit-challenging and there are high chances of error. Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Google Analytics (GA4) 4 extension, you can easily avail benefits of the Google Analytics 4 tool. As a result, improve your marketing strategies, traffic, user experience, and conversions by using Google’s upgraded version of Google Analytics 4.

Thus, using the most advanced and eCommerce tracking tools scale up your business easily to the next level!

Features of Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Extension:

● Easy integration of Magento 2 store with Google Analytics 4.
● Allows easy tracking performance by brand. The admin can select the brand attribute from backend.
● Admin can enter Google Tag Manager JS and non-JS code to integrate.
● Allows to show the product variant feature from the backend.
● Facilitates the admin to calculate the success page total from either subtotal or grandtotal.
● Admin can define the success page from the extension backend to track the conversion.
● While calculating the conversions, the admin can include or exclude orders with zero value.
● Admin can track the number of product clicks from different pages like cross-sell & up-sell grids, category pages, and search result pages.
● The extension supports real-time eCommerce tracing events.

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