M4 TV | Chai Chai with Sapna – With Team KEEDAM| Rahul Riji Nair | Renjit Shekar | Rajisha Vijayan |

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Keedam is a Malayalam language feature film produced by First Print Studios & Co- Produced by Fairy Frame Productions releasing 20th May 2022 in India & 26th May 2022 in Australia directed by National Award Winning Director Rahul Riji Nair starring Rejisha Vijayan, Sreenivasan,Renjit Shekhar.

Host – Sapna Iyer
Editing & Designs – Abhijith Divakaran

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Title: M4 TV | Chai Chai with Sapna – With Team KEEDAM| Rahul Riji Nair | Renjit Shekar | Rajisha Vijayan |
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