[🟢LIVE] Bitcoin Trading Analysis Chart High Win Rate Signals 24/7

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⭕Copy Trading

We are currently testing copy trading on the “Bitget” exchange. It’s a way of automatically trading even if you sleep or take a rest. If you are interested, please sign up for “Link or Code(v404)”, access the “CopyTrade” menu, search for “WhaleGO” and “Follow” me Then enjoy it now ! Because there are many transactions, if you sign up with a code to save fees, the fee will be discounted 50% of fee The current copy trading strategy is a test version, and small trades are always recommended.

Welcome and welcome! traders around the world,

Currently, you are paying for Whalego’s system development and update server maintenance, but hiring multiple experts for many future updates and server maintenance and strategy may incur a small “subscription fee” in the future.

But don’t worry. The Whalego channel is still running for free.

Basically, the management server that handles a lot of traffic is currently using a free server. As a result, errors and accuracy may be slightly reduced. If possible in the future, we plan to purchase a paid server.

Strategies are updated daily. Unlike the general stock market, the virtual currency market needs to be monitored and strategically updated according to the situation on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis. If you don’t update, your strategy will lose its win rate. Our future plan is to invite several experts.

Only one position must be traded. Open “Long Position” when the “Long” signal occurs. Conversely, when the “Short” position occurs, the “Short” position is opened. It is recommended that leverage be less than x10.

It can help you with various support line resistances and Elliott waves in the chart.

Whalego is a channel for you, not for individuals, and I want to be a small force for your trading life.

By: WhaleGO
Title: [🟢LIVE] Bitcoin Trading Analysis Chart High Win Rate Signals 24/7
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