Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization Best Landing Pages

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Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization ( see full description for links mentioned in the video )


Some of the best landing pages on the internet are not created by accident !

The pages would have been tested, split tested and test again. Over and over.

Many times using different ‘types’ of traffic too.

This might be website traffic via social media and other organic methods.

But also paid traffic.

It’s also far quicker to split test paid traffic as you can literally turn on the ‘traffic tap’ then measure the results.

Many people will actually test out new landing pages to find the top converting pages a long time before they even think about the potential organic traffic that could come down the road.

Design is everything, tips and tricks picked up from other pages could be the main difference when it comes to high conversion rates.

In this video I’m going to share a few of the best practices when it comes to how to create a landing page and the conversion rate optimization I often use myself.

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Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization

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By: Paul Mottley Marketing
Title: Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization Best Landing Pages
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