Implement These Updated Auto Campaign Strategies & Get Better Amazon Advertising Performance!

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Most Amazon sellers are using Amazon PPC auto campaigns wrong. The common approach of many Amazon sellers to create campaigns by harvesting keywords and finding new relevant ones is no longer effective. While this was a common practice for many years, there are now numerous tools and data available, including from Amazon itself (Brand Analytics reports, Search Query reports), that enable sellers to research all their main keywords before launching a new product.

In this video, Christian Otto Kelm, who is responsible for the strategic development of the tool Amalyze, talks about how to correctly optimize product page elements according to the product and product category and set up “always on” auto campaigns that are useful in all stages of a product’s lifecycle.
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πŸ”Ά Topics covered in the video:

➀ 00:00 Intro
➀ 00:37 Christian Otto Kelm & Amalyze
➀ 01:48 Everybody uses the auto campaign incorrectly!
➀ 05.41 When launching a new product, should sellers use auto campaigns?
➀ 08:21 Pros and cons of using auto campaigns
➀ 09:27 What is still working on the Amazon PPC game?
➀ 12:39 Organizing ad groups
➀ 19:01 Keyword harvesting and content
➀ 21:26 Expanded targeting
➀ 24:22 β€œRefine” and brand protection
➀ 26:43 3 steps to successful ad campaigns
➀ 27:09 How Amazon sellers benefit from using Amalyze

Christian Otto Kelm, VP Product at Amalyze, responsible for the strategic development of the tool, is one of the experts for Amazon and Amazon SEO in Germany. At the gaming accessories manufacturer Speedlink he built up Amazon as a channel, later he worked for the Amazon agency factor-a and the Amazon retailer KW Commerce. He is a book author and supports sellers and vendors in dealing with Amazon – both in an advisory and operational capacity – freely according to the motto ” help to help yourself”

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By: Orange Klik
Title: Implement These Updated Auto Campaign Strategies & Get Better Amazon Advertising Performance!
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