I Found the BEST Way to Run Facebook Ads in 2023

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If you’ve been struggling to get better results from your Facebook Ads right now it’s probably because you’re using the wrong objective, targeting the wrong audience, or you’re making one of the other mistakes that I’m going to be sharing with you here in this video.

And I guarantee that if you implement everything that I share with you in this video you’re going to start getting more clicks, more leads, and more sales from your Facebook Ads.

Because it’s incredibly simple to create a campaign right now, in fact it’s easier to launch a Facebook Ad campaign right now than it ever has been before.

But small business owners and marketers are messing up so many different things, but in this video we’re going to cover them all.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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ChatGPT Facebook Ad Prompt 1:

Write me a Facebook Ad based on this sales page: [INSERT WEBSITE URL HERE]

ChatGPT Facebook Ad Prompt 2: (Original Prompt Credit: @joe_portsmouth)

Write me a persuasive PAS-based Facebook Ad that promotes [Your Product/Service].

Start by calling out the main problem, outlining the market’s pain points, and providing details on the impacts that the [Main Problem] has on their life or business. Write this first part in 1 to 2 sentences max.

Next, present the Agitation by digging deeper into the consequences and the emotional discomfort the reader experiences due to the problem, emphasizing the urgency to find a solution. Write this next part in 1 to 2 sentences max.

Then, present the Solution by showcasing [Your Product/Service] as the answer to their needs. Introduce the Solution by starting with: “Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Our [Your Product/Service] will help you:” Then highlight the benefits [Benefit 1, Benefit 2, Benefit 3] that make it stand out.

Motivate the reader to take the [Desired Action] and emphasize [Your Offer] to create a sense of urgency.

Ensure that the output is a ready-to-use Facebook Ad that can be published immediately.

Remember, this Facebook Ad needs to be persuasive and compelling and entices the market to take action.

Make sure this ad is less than [Max # of words in ad] words and is written at a Grade 4 readability level.

[Your Product/Service] =
[Main Problem or Pain Point] =
[Benefit 1] =
[Benefit 2] =
[Benefit 3] =
[Specific Outcome or Result] =
[Desired Action] =
[Your Offer] =
[Max # of words in ad] =

By: Adam Erhart
Title: I Found the BEST Way to Run Facebook Ads in 2023
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUfuntUdC8U

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