How to Use Storytelling to Ignite Transformation with Joy Spencer

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Get ready for a powerful conversation about creating your success by being yourself and using your story to ignite transformation in your consulting and coaching clients!

Today, we’re wrapping up my mini-storytelling series with my guest Joy Spencer. She is a powerful storyteller. Initially, I wanted Joy on the show to share her tips and best practices on how to tell compelling stories.

We wound up talking about storytelling’s role in igniting change and transformation in ourselves, our clients, and the world. And for the neuroscience junkies out there, she’ll give us the science behind why storytelling is so powerful and transformational.

We explored the importance of creating in our careers, whether it’s a product, service, experience, or project, and how our internal narratives can shape our approaches to storytelling. So if you’re a consultant or coach looking to forge your path and ignite transformation in yourself, your clients, and the world, this conversation is for you.

Joy shared her insights on the power of storytelling as a developmental tool for growth, as well as tips on crafting engaging stories that connect with others. We discussed the role of personal experiences in storytelling and how our origin stories can be universal, making them an effective way to engage with clients.

Listen in as Joy reveals the science behind why storytelling is so powerful and why it creates change like nothing else.

I hope this series inspires you to see that who you are is the most important part of your consulting or coaching brand. You don’t have to be perfect. You have to be real and be you in all you do.

About the guest: What were you born to C.R.E.A.T.E.? Joy Spencer believes we are all born creators and living purposefully is the result of discovering, growing, and offering our gifts in service through the beautiful things and experiences we create. This act of creating is what makes all the difference in the world! This is why she is on a mission to help experienced professionals reframe their understanding of success away from a focus on being productive to a new commitment to be creators who continuously create things and experiences with their gifts. Using her signature C.R.E.A.T.E. framework, she guides clients through a process to become incomparable in work so they can get paid to be themselves. That way we can have a world that is full of people who are continuously creating and serving. In this world, people will be able to create a work experience that calls on their full genius and allows them to make their unique contribution to the world while experiencing joy and fulfillment in all that they do. Want to talk more about how you can C.R.E.A.T.E. your ideal work experience and legacy? She’d love to hear from you at

About me: Betsy Jordyn is the founder and CEO of Betsy Jordyn International, a boutique branding firm that offers personalized mentoring and end-to-end creative design services to help high-achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs build profitable consulting and coaching businesses that they love. Betsy is the host of the weekly Enough Already podcast, blog, and YouTube channel, with over 300 episodes. Through her company and her content, she is on a mission to empower accomplished professionals to make the shift from success to significance and achieve their full potential in their careers and in their personal lives. Let’s be friends!

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By: Betsy Jordyn
Title: How to Use Storytelling to Ignite Transformation with Joy Spencer
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