How to Track Conversions with Google Analytics 4 (2022) | Goals in GA4

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A conversion is an important interaction that you want your visitors/users to complete. It can be a purchase, a download, a signup or anything else that either brings your visitors/users to the final goal (purchase) or is the actual sale.

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In this video, we will learn how to configure and track conversions in Google Analytics 4. Those who have worked with the previous versions of Google Analytics, for example, Universal Analytics, are familiar with the term “Google Analytics Goal”. Basically, that’s how GA was calling conversions in the past.

So whenever you google something like “how to track goals in Google Analytics 4”, you should be looking at Google Analytics 4 conversion tracking guides.

The configuration process is different (compared to Universal Analytics), thus watch this video carefully. Also, I have an accompanying guide that you can find below.

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Title: How to Track Conversions with Google Analytics 4 (2022) | Goals in GA4
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