How to set your strategy with a content marketing mission statement

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What’s the one thing that successful content marketers do that separates them from the pack?

It’s simple.

They document their content strategy. And that starts with writing your content marketing mission statement. Marketers who do this are 3x more likely to report success from digital marketing. Yet only 43% of marketers have done it.

What is a content mission statement?
It’s a single sentence that summarizes why anyone would click, visit and read. It includes three simple elements:

1. The audience you target
2. The topics you take on
3. The benefit of paying attention to your audience

What’s covered in this video?
This video shows you how to set your content strategy by writing your own content marketing mission statement. Here’s what we cover:

🔹 The simple template for setting your content strategy
🔹 How to use it to grow your email list
🔹 5 examples of content mission statements

You can get the full post with the detailed step-by-step process here on the Orbit blog…

As a bonus, that article includes a mini-interview with Joe Pulizzi, the man who popularized this approach to content strategy.

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Title: How to set your strategy with a content marketing mission statement
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