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We’re back with another #MastersofSaaS video episode!

In this episode, we get up close and personal with Andy Raskin, a strategic messaging consultant and founder of Strategic Narrative, a consulting firm that helps SaaS companies shape their stories to achieve strategic success.

Andy’s superpower is crafting stories that inspire action, and his work has helped his clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars in investments. He’s a New York Times, Inc., and Forbes contributor, and has lectured at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

But Andy’s approach is not just about research and creativity. It’s about empathy and connection. He cares deeply about his clients and their audiences, and helping leaders find their true voice is what really drives him.

Join us for a deep dive into the art of storytelling for businesses. We’ll analyze the best pitch deck ever, explore how to implement The Strategic Narrative and learn key lessons from Andy’s experiences working with over 100 companies. Plus, we’ll discuss how to get your team aligned and fully engaged in crafting a narrative that truly resonates.

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Time stamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:47 – Who is Andy Raskin?
02:12 – What makes founders bring you on board?
05:12 – Why “superiority claims” don’t work anymore when selling SaaS
08:42 – The power of storytelling in a business context
11:33 – 5 steps to creating the best pitch deck
27:06 – Why you should always work with the CEO
30:08 – Key lessons after working with 100+ companies
34:55 – The best time to approach the Strategic Narrative
39:21 – The Strategic Narrative: success stories
43:42 – How to implement the Strategic Narrative yourself
45:07 – How do you get alignment from the team
51:22 – When things with a client don’t go so well
54:29 – Why Andy chooses to work alone
56:45 – Where to find Andy online

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Title: How to Raise Millions in SaaS With Storytelling | Andy Raskin | Masters of SaaS
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