How To Not Get Screwed By SEO Agencies – Devon Hayes

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Search Engine Optimization for your business can be a thorny rat’s nest full of technical jargon, disappointing results, and shifty marketers who’ll not only underdeliver but hold your website hostage if you ever try to leave. This is why going into a relationship with a 3rd party without at least a baseline understanding of how it works and what questions to ask is a recipe for disaster.

We’re super lucky to have Devon Hayes of Elevation Marketing on the show today. Her Denver-based digital marketing agency is niched to serve contractors almost exclusively. Over 80% of their client base are businesses like yours, and they do phenomenal work.

I learned a tonne from her, but my highlights were:
– The seven questions you need to ask your SEO person or agency before engaging. No joke, these could save you thousands of dollars and dozens of headaches.
– Easy “SEO Layups” – simple things you can do for little to no money time that provide an immediate boost to your findability online.
– And lastly, Devon drops a truth bomb about the risks of overusing Chat GPT for your website’s content; listen right until the end for that nugget!

Whether you’re a total SEO newb or already know a thing or two, watch this episode for a beginner’s guide to SEO with Devon Hayes.

00:00 – Intro

03:03 – A simple definition for SEO

04:34 – How SEO works in layman’s terms

07:47 – The case for SEO compared to other marketing channels & why it is still a worthy investment

11:22 – The ROI on SEO for contractors and home services

17:59 – 7 questions to ask your SEO company

44:31 – Easy SEO Layups for contractors that require no money and no skill

52:46 – Why you SHOULDN’T use Chat GPT for any of your website content

56:36 – Where can people connect with you?

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Title: How To Not Get Screwed By SEO Agencies – Devon Hayes
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