How To Look Like The Man In Conversation

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Matthew McConaughey gives off an almost effortless feeling of being cool. So today we’ll break down some of the habits that make him so charismatic and how you can incorporate them into your own life.

And it’s worth noting, while Matthew McConaughey is very handsome, his confidence and charisma can apply to you no matter what you look like.


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Set the mood
0:17 – #1: Move slowly and don’t rush when speaking
0:52 – #2: Greet everyone around you
1:48 – #3: Make yourself comfortable
2:29 – #4: Stay anchored to yourself
3:20 – Be a magnetic storyteller
3:39 – #1: Use a good preframe
4:37 – #2: Share your emotional experience
5:00 – #3: Act out your characters
6:35 – #4: Tell the story with your hands
6:52 – #5: Tell your stories in the present tense
7:48 – How to put this to practice

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Title: How To Look Like The Man In Conversation
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