How Shaun Els Builds an SEO Content Strategy That Drives Conversions

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How do you balance your focus between driving traffic and conversions?

If you ever struggle to find a happy medium for your SEO and CRO efforts, you’ll want to check out this great convo with Shaun Els.
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Shaun has been building online businesses and helping others with web design since he was 18.

Over the years, he’s tried all sorts of marketing tactics. But as an agency and niche site owner, he’s found SEO and content creation to be the key foundation for success.

And because of his background in design, he takes an interesting design-first approach.

He recommends building a pyramid structure for a website, with the homepage at the top, followed by money pages, and then supporting content. The supporting content adds tons of design and content value by building internal links and what he calls ‘themed content’, which helps create a useful resource for users and increase your site’s authority in Google’s eyes.

Shaun discusses how many people are hesitant to engage with marketing content that is too sales-focused. And so blogging can be a solution to this problem, as it provides valuable information to potential clients. By creating blog posts that address common problems or questions in your industry, you attract search traffic and more.

He also shares a framework for getting the most out of this content by repurposing it into smaller pieces for easy sharing. These include posting counter-arguments, summaries, and bulleted lists. The process of repurposing content for social media takes about half an hour and can be done using tools like ChatGPT. And he mentions how it’s important to intersperse blog post links with other types of content on social media to avoid penalties.

Shaun uses this content structure to funnel visitors to money pages with great lead magnets to grow mailing lists.

He uses email marketing to stay in touch with potential clients and nurture relationships. He argues that emails should be informational and include quick resources to help readers achieve their goals. And the ultimate goal of email marketing is to build trust with potential clients.

So while his strategy is grounded in SEO, he understands that marketing requires several touch points before earning a conversion.

But by building a content ecosystem that includes search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing, you can create a flywheel of lead generation.

Don’t miss the full interview to get his tips on how to turn this strategy into a reality!

Topics Shaun Els Covers

– How he got into online business
– His journey into SEO and blogging
– Taking a Design-First Approach
– Looking at a website like a pyramid
– Conversion Rate Optimization
– FAQs on a landing page
– Niching down for local SEO
– The importance of supporting content
– Being a problem solver
– Nurturing an audience
– How to maximize a content strategy
– Content themes and topical authority
– Internal linking
– Business blogs
– Using ChatGPT to repurpose content
– How to promote on social media
– Email marketing tips
– Staying top of mind
– Leveraging these tips on niche sites
And a whole lot more!

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00:00 – Intro
04:00 – Shaun’s Background
08:30 – Design-First Approach
12:00 – Money Pages
19:40 – Niching Down
21:55 – Supporting Content
33:10 – Content Strategy
36:52 – Content Themes
43:30 – Repurposing Content
50:45 – Email Marketing
55:40 – Niche Site Applications

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Title: How Shaun Els Builds an SEO Content Strategy That Drives Conversions
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