How Mentorship can Advance your Tech Career – My 2nd The Room Fellowclass

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Are you tech-savvy and want to know how you can advance your career in tech? We invite you to join us to watch for this second Fellowclass with Azeez Shoderu, a ROOM Fellow and the author of Life Mentorship.

Using mentoring through my own knowledge and experiences, the key learnings for the event attendees will be:

✅ How to start your tech career
✅ Selecting the suitable career path in tech
✅ Ways you can boost your tech career
✅ How mentorship can impact your career as a tech professional.
✅ How to gain job experience in your tech pathway

ROOM Fellowclasses are 75-minute learning sessions where ROOM Fellows use the platform to empower each other by sharing knowledge in their areas of expertise and interest.

We look forward to hosting you on the 6th of December 2022 at 2 pm GMT / 5 pm EAT as we learn from a brilliant ROOM Fellow, Azeez Shoderu.

During the interview, I would love to even offer some amazing incentives to those first 10 people who get to order the book during the fellowclass, 100 people before this year ends.

A particular bonus could be that anyone who orders their first copy on the Amazon link or my personal website gets free access to my first books – Achieve your Outstanding Success and if they read through or review the first book on my author page before the year ends gets a free mentorship session with me on either or which are mentorship platforms where I am duly recognized as a tech career and business mentor.

My new eBook “Life Mentorship: An Autobiography” is to be launched officially on Saturday, the 19th of November 2022.

However, the e-book is available for pre-order on Amazon from now till that date @ $4.99 through the Amazon Kindle store, our company website and soon my personal portfolio too.

For more details, contact me on +2348107714449 or send an email to

By: Azeez Ola Shoderu
Title: How Mentorship can Advance your Tech Career – My 2nd The Room Fellowclass
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