God of War Ragnarok (Review): How it Won Me Over

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Early review code provided by Playstation. This review/analysis of God of War Ragnarok is spoiler-free, but viewer discretion is advised.

In this review/analysis of God of War Ragnarok, I discuss my previous, not-so-favourable biases towards the 2018 sad-dad continuation of the God of War timeline… which is why it’s so surprising to me that, having spent dozens of hours with its sequel God of War Ragnarok, I’ve enjoyed said sequel a whole lot. In this review/analysis, let’s break down some of the themes and characters (minus spoilers of course), the combat and the game’s beautiful world that led me to this conclusion.

God of War Ragnarok releases on November 9th for PS5 and PS4.

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0:00 – Intro/housekeeping
0:24 – Acknowledging my negative biases
1:40 – Why did I end up loving Ragnarok?
2:34 – An evolved father son relationship
6:41 – God of War Ragnarok is BEAUTIFUL
7:37 – DualSense implementation
8:34 – Combat
10:11 – God of War Ragnarok isn’t perfect
10:37 – The RPG and stat game isn’t great
12:16 – Pacing issues
14:19 – God of War Ragnarok is messy, like family is messy
16:56 – So how did God of War Ragnarok win me over?
17:50 – Outro

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Title: God of War Ragnarok (Review): How it Won Me Over
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