From Concept to Completion: Writing My Book (using this one technique)

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Here’s how you can write a book as a beginner, with this simple technique.
I’m writing my first book, and I was having difficulty in making a structure for the book.

Writing a book is a big task, and so it’s important to deconstruct it into chapters and then into further smaller topics.

The trick is to write down whatever comes to your mind when you think of your book, on a Post it note, and stick it on any surface. Let your thoughts flow freely and use as many post its as you want. Then, you can start grouping similar topics and form chapters around it. And this is how you write your own book.

Again, this does not apply to writing novels. I am specifically talking about non fiction books.

The name of my book is “The Bootstrap Blueprint: Learn to build a business from scratch” and will be coming out in late 2023.

I’ll make more videos talking about my process of writing my first book, so stay tuned!

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Hey! Incase you’re wondering who I am… my name is Tanvir Ahmed. I am a Youtuber, agency-owner, CEO and soon to be author.

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00:00 Intro
00:19 The Bootstrap Blueprint
01:51 Draft Overview
02:09 Book Intro
02:35 Main Body
03:47 Postscript
04:02 About Author
04:38 Cover Design
06:31 Page Layout
07:08 Summary

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Title: From Concept to Completion: Writing My Book (using this one technique)
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