Finding a Dream Job / Career Mindset

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The new season is finally here! I was away a little longer than expected due to a sickness that I received for Christmas! The only thing I learned over that time was it’s hard to podcast when you’re tired and have no voice! But we are past that. I am ready to return to the saddle and release new episodes for 2023. 
On this episode of Learning More, we dive into the reality of finding your dream job. We often hear the advice to follow our passions and turn them into our careers, but is it really possible? 
We discuss the importance of mindset when it comes to job satisfaction and identifying the proper role for yourself. My guest Terry B. McDougall offers practical tips and insights to help you navigate your career.
Terry is a best-selling author, executive, career coach, and speaker who helps professionals, executives, and managers to leverage their authentic abilities to drive positive change within their organizations. She assists clients through transitions, innovation, and creating new ways of doing things. Her expertise helps her clients achieve success and career happiness on their own terms.

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Title: Finding a Dream Job / Career Mindset
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