E22: Twitter’s new CEO, Elon’s strategy vs Sam Altman’s strategy, Liberal depression, crime+prisons

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Dan and Erik discuss how Elon Musk got coded right-wing, why liberals are more depressed than conservatives, crime and prisons.

Patrick Collison interviews Sam Altman:

Upstream: @UpstreamwithErikTorenberg

(00:00) Episode preview
(01:48) Twitter’s new CEO and Elon
(8:00) When did Elon become right-wing coded?
(14:00) Contrasting Zuck and Elon
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(17:26) Contrasting Elon and Sam Altman
(22:00) Elon’s quest to increase “net truth”
(28:00) AI race / live players
(32:15) Accountability within private vs public sector
(34:30) Facebook bull case
(41:00) Jonathan Haidt’s anti-facebook case
(45:30) Why depression is on the rise
(51:30) Why liberals are more depressed than conservatives
(59:30) Living in America is higher variance
(1:06:30) Different approaches to curbing crime

@eriktorenberg (Erik)
@dwr (Dan)

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By: Moment of Zen
Title: E22: Twitter’s new CEO, Elon’s strategy vs Sam Altman’s strategy, Liberal depression, crime+prisons
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6EDmM0sB2E

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