Digital Marketing Career Walkthrough March 2023

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– In this digital marketing career walkthrough video, I walk you in detail step through just a small percentage of the over 146,000 open digital marketing jobs open in the US on Linkedin every day!

It’s technically still March! I’ve been so busy travelling and updating the course, I didn’t have a chance to do this until today.

Remember, Digital Marketing is digital but it’s fundamentally about advertising and marketing, which is why all the recent tech layoffs haven’t affected the digital marketing job market. It’s still an incredibly powerful and secure skillset to get.

I show you how to decode and understand job postings, which always need to be taken with a grain of salt. I also show you how to use Linkedin Premium to truly see the lack of skilled workers for these job applications. When you have a deeper insight into what companies and agencies actually need vs. what they might say in a posting, and how terrible the competition usually is you can feel confident knowing you are a strong and compelling candidate.

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By: Seth Jared
Title: Digital Marketing Career Walkthrough March 2023
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