Data Analytics Career – Is It Right For You?

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Are you thinking about a career change and wondering if data analytics would be a good fit for you in 2022? In this video we will give you the essential questions you need to ask yourself first, and show you why it would be a good idea if you’re still on the fence about it!

Tom Gadsby, our own senior data scientist, has prepared six questions that will check if you’re the right type of person to be a data analyst. Tom also goes into detail about what’s waiting for you and why you should start your career-change journey in data analytics in 2022.

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Let us know in the comments which stage of your career-change journey you are at now! What has convinced you to pursue a career in data analytics?

In this video, we’ll cover the following points:

(00:00) Intro
(00:12) Data Analytics Job As a Career
(00:51) Are You Naturally Curious and Inquisitive?
(01:40) Do You Have an Analytical Mindset and a Logical Approach to Work?
(02:17) Are You a Keen Problem-Solver?
(02:38) Are You Interested in Business Strategy?
(03:18) Do You Have an Affinity For Numbers and Statistics?
(03:56) Are You Comfortable Presenting and Collaborating?
(04:29) Your Question: Is Data Analytics a Good Career Move?
(04:34) Reason 1: Competitive Salary
(05:00) Reason 2: Burgeoning Job Market
(05:32) Reason 3: Opportunity to Make an Impact
(05:58) Reason 4: Variety
(06:18) Outro

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Watch This Video Before Becoming a Data Analyst in 2022

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Title: Data Analytics Career – Is It Right For You?
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