Creators must know! 15 Lessons i’ve learnt as a Freelance Content Creator & Influencer

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Every creator has his/her own journey and some interesting story to share Well, here’s mine. I’ll be sharing 15 lessons i’ve learnt on my 3-year journey creating content professionally. Things i wish i knew right from the start. I hope this inspires an aspiring content creator.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Little background
00:58 Lot of work
01:48 Opportunity for returns
03:06 Negotiate, negotiate!!
04:05: Story telling
04:46 Promote carefully
05:48 Bill for work before numbers
07:13 Influencing is a lot
07:54 Utilize all skills
08:34 Lessons from clients
09:55 Communities
10:39 Don’t write them off
11:26 All not free
12:37 Vanity metrics
13:33 Building community
14:35 Uncertainty
16:05 Outro
17:04 Book one-on-one


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Title: Creators must know! 15 Lessons i”ve learnt as a Freelance Content Creator & Influencer
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