Copywriting Success – Josh | The Real World | Interview #135

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00:26 How has TRW helped your sleep schedule?
00:57 What do you do within TRW?
01:35 Have you had success in scaling?
02:17 How much money have you made?
02:40 What were your plans before joining TRW?
03:49 What were your expectations of TRW before joining? Did they change?
04:30 How different is the material inside TRW compared to what you can find on the internet?
05:42 Did the community or “wins” channel help you in any way?
07:15 What’s your outreach method?
08:02 How much outreach did you do until you landed your first client?
09:56 Where do you see your life heading in 6 months to a year?
10:59 What was the biggest challenge you faced when first starting out inside the copywriting campus?
12:20 How different is your average day now compared to before you joined TRW?
13:22 What kind of an impact did Tate have on you?
15:18 How have the people in your life reacted to the changes you’ve made?
17:19 What have been the three biggest lessons you’ve learned since joining TRW?
20:18 Did TRW help in improving your speech & oration?
21:32 What advice would you give to people who still think TRW is a scam?
23:35 Where can people find you?
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Title: Copywriting Success – Josh | The Real World | Interview #135
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