Conversion Rate Optimization | Sniply Review | Sniply Lifetime Deal

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Conversion Rate Optimization | Sniply Review | Sniply Lifetime Deal
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Add clickable CTAs to webpages and retarget users with powerful links

Sharing content with your followers is great until you realize you’re losing prospects to every link. (“My newsletter is great for business. Not my business. But definitely someone else’s.”)

You need content to engage your audience, but without a solid game plan, it feels like you’re just driving traffic away from your sales funnel.

What if you could redirect visitors back to your business using owned or external content and retargeting pixels?

Introducing Sniply.

Add your own CTA to any webpage that you share with your audience to drive more traffic
Alternative to: Bitly, Rebrandly
Retarget users who click on your custom links, split test your CTAs, and track analytics with one tool
Best for: Marketers, marketing agencies, and social media managers that want to capture traffic from outgoing links

Sniply is a powerful link shortener that lets you add CTAs to webpages, including content from other websites.

Sniply isn’t just another link shortener. It also lets you add calls to action (CTAs) to literally any website using your own custom link!

Each CTA is fully customizable, with the option to change the images, text, buttons, and form fields to make your banner stand out.

Add CTAs to external webpages so you can drive more traffic from social media, newsletters, and blogs further down your sales funnel.

Use the Sniply Summary to generate a user-friendly summary of linked content that removes visual clutter like ads and banners.

That way you’ll be able to make your CTAs pop on the page and eliminate all the distracting graphics competing for your reader’s attention.

This feature also makes it easy to embed your CTAs into webpages that don’t allow iframe embeds.

Track and analyze user behavior, including clicks, conversions, average time on site, and bounce rates, with robust link analytics.

You can run A/B testing on your CTAs to figure out the winning combination of color and copy that drives the most clicks and conversions.

Sniply can even integrate with Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel, and Google Ads to retarget users with ads that bring them into your funnel.

Convert all your outgoing links into Sniply links with a single line of code—even if you have hundreds of outgoing links on your website.

You can also set up filters and exceptions, if you don’t want to change any social or affiliate links on your website.

Best of all, you’ll be able to add CTAs to your own content, which means you don’t need to work with a separate tool.

With CTAs on all your content, you basically optimized your sales funnel using a single line of code. (Oh hey, looks like you dropped this 👉👑.)

Sniply helps you add visible CTAs to your content and integrates with retargeting pixels, so you can drive more traffic back to your business.

Level up your content marketing.

Get lifetime access to Sniply today!

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