Capturing and Keeping Attention in Content Marketing (Episode 131)

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Chad Reid is VP of #marketing and Communications at #jotform — a leading online form and #productivity #software used by 16 million+ businesses, creators, and individuals.

Chad has 10 years of marketing experience and earned his Masters in Communication at Purdue University. Chad is passionate about maximizing personal productivity and watching new developments in the no-code world.

What you will learn:
– Chad shares his career journey and what led him into marketing
– Chad unpacks the lucrative collaboration between Jotform and HubSpot
– Learn why #contentmarketing is a long game (and why the key to success is patience)
– Discover a simple guide to writing a listicle post for your blog
– Find out how Chad structured the SEO team of Jotform
– Storytelling: Is it the most powerful marketing strategy?
– Learn how Jotform increases the lifetime value of their customers
– Discover how Jotform views Google Form from a competitor’s standpoint (this is fascinating!)
– Find out why investing in technology is central to Jotform’s success
– Plus much more!


By: The Jeff Bullas Show
Title: Capturing and Keeping Attention in Content Marketing (Episode 131)
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