Big Query Live Training – A Deep Dive into Data Pipelining

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What is BigQuery and why would you use it as a marketer? Amad is an agency owner who started to report on more and more data for his clients. Find out why processing your data in BigQuery is so awesome and get a deep dive into data pipelining with BigQuery in this live training replay.

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00:00 – Intro
5:02 – The Big Data Problem
7:21 – The Solution
9:15 – Your Data Pipeline Journey
15:54 – What is BigQuery?
24:00 – Extract & Load Data: Getting Data into BigQuery
29:37 – Transform Data: Clean, Join, Prepare and Manipulate
31:03 – Using Your Data: Visualization, Analysis, and Upload
34:25 – Hands-On Demo

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Title: Big Query Live Training – A Deep Dive into Data Pipelining
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