All Things Have Standing: 1.5 — Our Stories — Storytelling & the Self Panel

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Narrative is thought to be the first use of human language. People have been telling stories and listening to stories since the inception of our species. Four storytellers from different cultures describe and discuss the rich heritage of stories in the human community. How do stories impact how we feel about ourselves? How do they change us? Do non-human things have their own stories and a voice to tell them? Can storytelling foster radical empathy?

“All Things Have Standing” is a course in human psychology and the ethics of artificial intelligence and environmental law inspired by a powerful idea from the audio drama “Spark Hunter”—that all things have ethical standing. “All Things Have Standing” is presented by Carnegie Council in collaboration with Fighter Steel Education. Inspired by a futuristic story of a highly advanced A.I. experiencing existential crisis, All Things Have Standing explores, with leading scholars, A.I. and environmental ethics, the psychology and philosophy which underlie them, and the extraordinary challenges they raise for the global community.

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By: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Title: All Things Have Standing: 1.5 — Our Stories — Storytelling & the Self Panel
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