ALL NIGHT STORYTELLING AND RAIN | Volume 05 – Over 8 Hours of Bedtime Stories | No Ads, Black Screen

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This over 8 hours of continuous back to back bedtime stories for grown ups (with black/dark screen and soothing British male voice to guide you to sleep) compilation is a collection of 14 of my 2019 sleep stories for grown ups.

I always recommend not listening to sleep meditations bedtime stories in YouTube playlists due to potential adverts that could play between the stories which may wake you up and any sleep story ‘YouTube’ introductions. That is why I make these compilations, so that you can listen to the sleep stories back to back uninterrupted with no adverts and no introductions, just back to back bedtime stories all night long.

Here are the titles and timestamps for the bedtime stories in this compilation…

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:23 Egyptian Cat’s Ocean Adventure
0:34:14 An Underground Civilisation
0:59:50 Dreaming in a Moonlit Meadow
1:25:58 Dreaming Wisdom
1:51:00 Exploring a Lucid Dream
2:17:39 Me-time by the Lake
2:44:37 Meditating on a Rose
3:20:41 Mermaid on the Rock
3:57:45 Secret Cave of Wisdom
4:51:00 Teddy Bears Picnic
5:20:53 The Ancient Civilisation
5:49:43 The Ballet Dancers’ Dream
6:35:37 The Cabin in the Woods
7:32:46 The Computer Game

On my Bedtime Stories YouTube channel I bring you creative, original calming sleep stories videos – all with the goal to help you fall asleep, improving the quality of your sleep and helping to reduce stress, anxiety and worry.

British Male Voice Narrator and Original Sleep Stories Creator: Dan Jones – Author, Therapist, Trainer & Digital Content Creator (Creating Bedtime Stories since 2000 and YouTube Sleep Stories since 2007)

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All Hypnosis, Sleep Stories, and Meditations on my Sleep Stories YouTube channel – Dan Jones Hypnosis, Meditation and Stories, are developed and created by Dan Jones, including all music, words and narration and many of the sound effects… Occasionally I will read classic literature, fables, fairy tales and other works.

You will find hundreds of hypnotic, meditative Slumberland sleep stories, hypnosis and meditations on my channels and new videos every week.

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By: Dan Jones – Hypnosis, Meditation & Stories
Title: ALL NIGHT STORYTELLING AND RAIN | Volume 05 – Over 8 Hours of Bedtime Stories | No Ads, Black Screen
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