Aligning Your Content Marketing Strategy with Your Company’s Overall Objectives

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Andrew Urteaga, Principal at SBI, joined by Drew Kiran, Principal at SBI, to review a recent blog, “3 Steps to Maximize B2B Content Creation Resources.”

00:18 Welcome and introduction of the show
01:39 Why marketers need to be strategic in use of their resources for content production
02:57 The 5 steps to defining your marketing strategy, and where content marketing fits
04:02 Understanding content production trends
07:55 Applying the concept of strategic alignment to your content strategy
09:00 Tips to build an effective content strategy
10:53 Show wrap up

SBI TV Summary:

This week on SBI Insider: Video Podcast, we discuss your content marketing strategy, and how to use your resources effectively. We will use Heidi Cohen’s recent blog to guide our conversation.

In our first segment, we begin by defining and explaining marketing strategy. We will walk our audience through the 5 steps for defining the right strategy for your marketing team. And we will also explain where content production fits into your overall marketing strategy.

In our second segment, we’ll review the content production trends that Heidi touches upon in her blog. Additionally we’ll explore why strategic alignment is critical to your content strategy.

We’ll wrap up the show with tips to build an effective content strategy, and give our final views on Heidi’s blog.

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By: SBI Insider: Video Podcast
Title: Aligning Your Content Marketing Strategy with Your Company’s Overall Objectives
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