A Better System for MBAs and Executives to Manage Their Contacts and Grow Their Networks

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Covve is a personal CRM that can help you build a strong professional (and personal) network. Try Covve for free: (affiliate link). Get a 15% discount on Covve if you decide to buy: (affiliate link).

Are you still using a spreadsheet to manage networking for a job or your career? You need a better system! You need a personal CRM. I’m Doug Lester, the founder of Career Narratives, where I coach MBAs, executives and ambitious people looking to advance their careers. I spent years looking for the right solution to manage my contacts and help build strong relationships with them. And I finally found it in Covve. And I recommend Covve to my clients.

I’ve worked as a marketer and hiring manager at Fortune 100 companies, and I also got a look behind the curtain at a top 20 executive search firm where I was a senior executive recruiter. I’ve been on the coaching staff at the Harvard Business School for over 10 years, and I lead an executive coaching program for the corporate strategy group of a Fortune 100 company in Boston. I earned an undergrad degree at Yale, an MBA at Wharton, and an MA in International Studies at the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

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By: Doug Lester | Career Narratives
Title: A Better System for MBAs and Executives to Manage Their Contacts and Grow Their Networks
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