8 brand elements for a business, a leader, an organization

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8 brand elements which, when used well, can substantially enhance a company’s digital marketing, branding and brand building with strategies, content, logo, website, video, LinkedIn, SEO.

As the economy is in a soft landing, and perhaps heading into a recession, doing more with less during times of inflation is key to your company’s success. What are the low hanging fruits in digital marketing for you? 

The upcoming book “How to Become a Brand: Decode, Create, Amplify” by Joanne Z. Tan, founder, CEO, and brand strategist of 10 Plus Brand, Inc, will discuss the following eight brand elements in depth and detail. This is a short summary for building and amplifying a business brand online.  Samples for these elements are also on

(1) Brand Elements’ foundation: Brand DNA – Decode
(2) Brand strategies, structures, stories – Create
(3) Brand Look & Feel  – Create
(4) A branded website  – Create
(5) Brand promotional video  – Create
(6) SEO: for the brand, of the brand, with the brand – amplify
(7) Social media brand marketing  – amplify
(8) Drip Content Marketing, using AI + human intelligence  – amplify

Which of the above eight brand elements are the most important to your business, right now? Which is your lowest hanging fruit in this golden age of deep branding and impactful digital marketing? Need some consultative advice? Call us: 1-888-288-4533.

This is the 10 Plus Brand Youtube Channel. In addition to the popular series “Interviews of Notables & Influencers”, and regular episodes on brand development and digital marketing, Joanne Z. Tan, founder and CEO of 10 Plus Brand, Inc., regularly shares insights about current events, technology, Silicon Valley, life experience, politics, culture and the arts.

10 Plus Brand Inc. is a full-service, multi-media branding and brand-marketing agency. We build, grow, and market power brands for businesses and professionals. We generously share tips, strategies, and insights about brand DNA decoding, brand strategies and structures, story telling, how to update and refresh a brand, or rebrand, to elevate your brand to a higher level.

Our main “flagship” website is where you can find samples of what we do for our clients with brand DNA messaging, verbal and visual content creation, go to market strategies, brand promotion videos, websites, SEO AI enabled content marketing, original blogging, etc. Another “subsidiary” website focuses on LinkedIn profiling only.

We do brand-building, branding, and brand marketing for businesses, including but not limited to B2B service firms, law firms, accounting firms, commercial lenders, investment bankers, business consulting firms, technology companies, funded or venture capital VC backed startups,
mid-market companies, PE portfolio companies during restructuring or post M&A.

We also develop individual business brands with LinkedIn profiles, bios, resumes for public and private board members, C-suites members, executive coaches & business consultants, commercial insurance brokers, attorneys, CPAs, realtors, and other B2B services.

First, we are brand builders.

We brand, rebrand, and refresh existing brands for businesses, B2B services, technology companies, funded or VC-backed startups, corporations, mid-market companies, non-profit organizations, private equity portfolio companies during restructuring or pre and post M&A.

We also develop individual business brands for business leaders, experienced and growth- minded professionals, notables and influencers.

Second, we are content creators.

After we decode a brand’s DNA, we create brand messaging and tell brand stories, verbally and visually, to construct a brand’s persona and elevate its stature on websites and social media with original content, blogs, podcast, videos, vlogs, custom website design and development, LinkedIn business pages and personal profiles, webinars, and PR content.

Third, we are digital marketers.

We combine AI enabled digital marketing with human intelligence to multiply a brand’s influence with repurposed articles, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, influencer marketing, marketing analytics, and Google core web vitals.

10 Plus Brand, Inc. evolved over the past 10 years from a photographic studio (“Poem And Art Studio”) into a video, content, website and visuals production company (“Joanne Tan Visual Branding, LLC”), which was expanded about a year later and renamed, (“10+ Visual Branding”), and now evolved into a full service branding and digital marketing agency (“10 Plus Brand, Inc.”), under the leadership of Joanne Tan, founder and CEO.

By: 10 Plus Brand, Inc.
Title: 8 brand elements for a business, a leader, an organization
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